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Jul. 22nd, 2010

Rose is in the middle of cooking something for dinner with the lights go out. Her shoulders slump and she shakes her head. If it's not one thing it's another...

Oh hell.

She dumps a plate in the sink and goes outside. Might as well sit on the porch and watch the lightening storm until someone figures out how to get the power back on. She imagines it will be a big job considering the size of the barracks.

She plops down into a rocking chair and frowns.


Jun. 5th, 2010

Rose sits on her front porch steps looking out to the jungle.

The flash of two weeks ago finally left her with those memories everyone else was talking about. It was hardly anything different than what she remembered from before she ended up in the barracks. It was just Bernard and her living in the jungle...until they found Desmond. She was happy to take care of him, but it did bring Locke to them. He didn't kill them so how did she end up here?

Where was Bernard, then? Was he still out in that jungle. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to move back out there. Maybe someday he would show back up, or stumble across their old hut. It wouldn't be so bad to wait for him out there.

Rose sighs, still watching the jungle, and thinks about.

Mar. 16th, 2010

Rose looks to the calendar when she wakes. It's easy to lose track of days when she doesn't exactly have a daily schedule.

Tuesday. That means another one of those flashes will happen tonight. She considers taking some preemptive painkillers for the headache she knows will come.

Why hasn't see remembered anything? Claire had told her that she remembered things in the flashes and she had heard others talking about it as well. Perhaps she and Bernard really had died in the bomb that Jack was planning to set off?

All the same, it would have been nice to see Bernard. She still dreamed about him and the life they made for themselves in the jungle. But everyone in the barracks claimed the flashes were more than just a dream.

Why didn't she see Bernard? Just to see him one more time...

Perhaps...perhaps she should invite someone over for dinner. Jack or Steve and Scott. It would do her good to spend some time with someone.


Valentine's Day

Rose was never one to put much thought into silly holidays. She had been alone for a long time and the greeting card holidays began to lose their meaning; they passed as any other day. But with Bernard, everything changed. He fussed over her, worrying that he might somehow do something wrong on the days that were meant to be important. She told him it didn't really matter; all she wanted was to spend time with him, to see his smile, hear his laugh.

It's those things she misses most today as she thinks about all the trouble her Bernard might have gone to for Valentine's Day. It's not the chocolates or roses or valentines she misses. It's Bernard.

Where was he?


Dinner with Jack

Rose smiles to herself as she prepares a meal. Jack offered to come over for dinner and she's happy to have him. Rose always welcome company now and she counts Jack as one of her good friends.

After whatever ordeal Jack went through while he was gone, Rose is sure he'll enjoy a home cooked meal. She's no great chef, but there are a few meals she can make well.

She sets the table and waits for Jack to arrive.


*At Desmond's*

Rose has heard that the search team has returned. She's not really sure the details of everything, but she knows Boone went missing and that the team spent a week looking for him. She's heard that he's returned, but is in the infirmary.

After waiting a day for the team to catch up on some rest and to get Boone settled, she heads out of her house.

Rose walks to Desmond's house and says a quick prayer that he is home.

She knocks.

Desmond? Are you home?



Rose has kept to herself since the Halloween party. Although she often enjoys the solitude...it can become trying. Seeing people happy and together at the party also caused her to do some thinking once she got home. And left her in not the best of moods.

It's not the best idea, she knows, but she wagers it couldn't hurt...

Jacob? Um...hello? Can we talk?

She's on her porch, talking to the sky or to the trees or the clouds...whatever might listen. If Jacob as everywhere, as she often heard people say, he should be able to hear her, right?


Rose sits on her front porch. She's made herself a stiff drink and enjoys it as the sun goes down over Dharmaville.

She's felt a bit down recently and she hopes spending some time out in nature with her thoughts might lift her spirits a bit.

She whispers something to herself before taking another sip of her drink.

Where are you, Bernard?


Rose outside.

Feeling a bit lonely and down, Rose decided to grill out some food. She thought having some different might take her mind of things. Besides, people always seemed to be walking around the barracks. Maybe someone would see her and stop by for a chat.

As Rose is going down her back steps, however, she trips on the last step, falling to the ground.


The tray that Rose had been carrying her dishes and food on crashes to the ground.



For a long moment, she just sits on the ground, looking at the shattered dishes.


Dinner invite

Hey, Sun!  Want to come over to dinner tonight?  I thought we could both use a little company.

Come over whenever you are ready.